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Finding an Overseas Recruitment Agency

If you are a HR professional or a hiring manager, Alahad Group makes it easy for you to find a recruiting agency. Alahad Group gives you a starting point to handle your requirements. There is no better way to find the recruitment agencies to help you. You can search for a recruiter by specialty, location, type of agency, type of requirements handled, geography covered and get their profile and contact information. Alahad Group is your one-stop provider for fulfilling your recruiting needs. Instead of searching and scouring the internet to find the best recruiting agencies in Pakistan, we offer a single source where you can submit your requests. We do all of the legwork to find your best match for you – all for free! We maintain an extensive nationwide network of licensed overseas recruiting agencies, including those specific to your region and industry. Using the criteria you provide, we will carefully match you with the most trusted recruitment agencies in Pakistan most likely to meet your requirements. Submit your request (RFQ) today and be on your way to filling your company's job vacancy tomorrow!


Recruitment Services for Employers
For an employer, whether it is for a small start-up or fortune 500 companies, the outcome of the services, a recruitment agency can provide can literally make- or break- a company. A recruitment agency is going to have access to many resources of candidates that are not even on the market, in addition to the knowledge of the hiring process and screening techniques that a company whose primary focus is not hiring would not be aware of. Whether a new company hire is coupled with the efforts of an executive headhunter, recruitment agency, executive search firm, employment agency or other staffing and recruitment firms, using a third party hiring professional to assist in any search is a wise idea.

Listing Your Overseas Recruitment Agency, Trade Test Centre or Services
Alahad Group has made it easy for overseas recruiting agencies, trade test centers to update their records to attain to over 1 million businesses in GCC. All our registering is automatic there are no maintenance costs and therefore no cost to you. If you are an overseas recruitment agency, headhunter, staffing firm or a trade test center and you are not listed in Alahad Group, you do not exist and you are definitely losing a lot of potential clients.


Find The Best Recruiting Agency
Alahad Group offers a free and classified service to help your company find the best manpower recruiting agency for its hiring needs. We do this in the shortest amount of time possible, making the connection between you and a top recruiting agency within 24 hours, and in most cases, even faster.


Step 1: Let us know what you’re Looking For?
We collect your information to help us begin our search, including your region, industry, and the position your company is looking to fill. Your confidentiality is extremely important to us. Rest assured that any contact information you submit is kept 100% confidential. We only transmit it to the most appropriate overseas recruiting agencies who match your criteria.


Step 2: We Utilize Our Network of Agencies and Find Potential Matches
Combining our algorithmic criteria with our extensive database of overseas recruiting agencies, we are able to find the best match for you. We look for firms with experience in your industry placing people into similar positions, who service your area. As you can imagine, experience plays a big role in this process. You want to be sure that the recruiting agency we choose has the knowledge, experience and network that is necessary to fill your position with the best candidate possible in the shortest amount of time.


Step 3: We Make the Connection
We connect you with the recruiting agency and let you take it from there.


Step 4: Let us Know How We Did?
We always welcome your feedback and would love to hear how your experience went. Of course, this is not required, but we feel that any report on a recruiting agency we have placed you with will help us in presenting a better experience for future placements. Did you have a wonderful experience? Were there any difficulties faced along the way?

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