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Tayyeb Enterprises established in 1992, Tayyeb enterprises is a main leading manpower HR Company in the Pakistan to offer a various range of personalized services to overseas clients only. We are focused and answer responsiveness by headhunting, recruitment and out sourcing company. With over 27 years of highest experience. The essential element in the planning and implementation of any project is the provision of manpower; it is people who make things happen, at all levels and at its stage from conception through to completion. Rendering obsolete existing ideas, skills and experience as a result no organization can hope to provide from within its own resources, the full range of specialist skills and expertise that are required through the life of major project from planning through to execution. With head office in Karachi and associate offices/representative through in and out the country, with partner offices in Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates, with access to top recruitment tools, we are the final resource for providing our clients with peace of mind and enable them to focus their core business always.

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