STFA Construction Group

Istanbul, Turkey

STFA had its beginnings in 1938. Two young engineers, Sezai Türkes and Feyzi Akkaya, saw the need, in the new Turkish Republic’s growing economy, for facilities for bridge construction and piling operations in the country. They had the vision of developing innovative engineering solutions and services using world-class standards and with projects in Turkey and abroad. This vision became fully-realized at the beginning of the 1970s when STFA, having established itself in Turkey, broke into the international market, first in Libya and then in many other countries – one of very few pioneer Turkish contractors to do so. From a bridge and piling construction company, STFA evolved into a total engineering and construction solutions company, to become a leader in bringing integrated solutions to the most challenging projects in the fields of: • Marine Construction • Civil / Infrastructure Works • Oil, Gas and Power • Soils and Foundation Engineering • Engineering and Management Consultancy Today, STFA maintains its standing as one the most respected Turkish contractors in the world. It is proud of its contribution to the development of countries in the MENA region and its role in enhancing social, cultural, and economic relations between these nations and Turkey.

CEO / Country Head
İlker Keremoğlu
Head of HR Department
Sezin Yesildag

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