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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Founded in 1986, we work with forward thinking clients who respect the design process and are an integral part of the creative implementation from the start. Our thoughtful approach enables us to first understand the needs of our clients, engage in meaningful conversations, build consensus and implement great design solutions. As a result, our decision-making is simple and collaborative, resulting in powerful and timeless design. Since 1988 we have been creating and executing a proprietary strategic branding process that defines and substantiates our client's position for target audiences, employees and key stakeholders. Creating brands that resonate with all stakeholders requires a solid brand proposition that is based on short and long term business goals which blends the missions and values that directly address the needs of stakeholders. In order for this process to be effective, it is imperative to honor the time to think first…and then design based upon collective goals clearly defined. We work on a broad range of projects by putting together fantastic teams of collaborators and consultants when we need them. That way, regardless of the type of project, we're always working

CEO / Country Head
Mr. Mahoud
Head of HR Department
Ms. Julie
Architecture/Interior Design

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