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Elahi Enterprises (Govt. approved license no: MPD/2477/LHR) was established with a vision. The vision was to explore and provide employment opportunities to the youth, abroad with good salary packages and fringe benefits. Today, my vision is progressing with a growing man power company supported by a dedicated team of competent professionals. Elahi Enterprises feels contented to issue and share our company profile with our esteemed clients around the world to outsource man power from Pakistan. Today writing this message gives me immense pleasure, that my hard work, dedication, excellent services and high spirited team, we all have made difference in Pakistan manpower today. The difference we have made in quality service along with the contribution to minimize country\'s unemployment, gives us immense satisfaction. In addition to quality services to job seeker\'s, we have designed rigorous criteria techniques for the selection of employees according to job description provided by our prestigious clients. As a Pakistani professional involved in the promotion of foreign employment, I am proud to express a few thoughts on this subject. Today, remittance from the foreign employment is the backbone of Pakistan's economy. Thus foreign employment industry has emerged as an important sector in the country\'s economy. The credit to establish foreign employment as a respected industry goes to the employers in International labor market giving prominence to Pakistanis workers. My organization aims to enrich national economy through foreign employment. I have firm commitment to meet the demand of supplying quality manpower in the International labor market. I believe this would commensurate with the interests of both employees and the employers. Today my company occupies a leading position in Pakistanis manpower industry. It has been a cherished name among the job seekers. My company aims to provide a wide range of information to the employers around the world to source their workforce from Pakistan. We expect you to contact us for any information for recruiting workers from Pakistan. We have faith in our clients. Your preference is what bestowed us with success. Finally, the booklet in your hand is our renewed commitment for quality and better service. We will continue to provide competent manpower to work for unskilled, skilled and professional jobs. I hereby want to assure you the quality service and better cooperation in future.

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