Chaudhry Recruiting Agency

Kharian, Pakistan

CRA Global is the recruitment specialist many of the most successful organisations in the world turn to when they need recruitment solutions. The company was established in1975 with a view to providing recruitment solutions to emerging markets in the Middle East.There’s no substitute for experience that can be a challenge when you’re a human resources professional tasked withrecruiting, or when you are looking to progress your career with a new job! Good thing we can help.Unlike many other recruiting agencies, we pride ourselves on employing experienced professional recruiters. In fact, many of our consultant have both industry and recruiting experience making them better placed to understand client needs and allowing them to make judgments on the skills that specific candidates bring to the table. Our people are always on top of their game; our comprehensive learning and development programmes covers all stages of their recruiting career and starts with continuous development, training. Our company recruits for various sectors, industries which is comprehensive & cost effective.

CEO / Country Head
Shehrzad Akram Chaudhry
Head of HR Department
Tauqir Arshad
Recruitment / Employment Firms

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