Al Ruwad Group for Business

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Proudly and confidently I would like to say, during the past few decades our group: “Alruwad Group for Business” has been successfully contributing to the sector of services and business in the United Arab Emirates Considering the fact that there is no limit line for excellence, our ambition in the Group goes beyond, and is constantly pushing us forward to non-stop growth and development. Since established, companies of Alruwad Group have acquired a wonderful reputation in the region, This can be attributed to the Group’s clear vision characterized by commitment to the principle of pioneered innovation in providing smart services and integrated business, Our clients are capable of achieving their intended goals through our excellent service delivery, while saving time and planning efforts. Our clients’ satisfaction and happiness with memorable experiences are achieved through our integrated solutions, with accurately completed services in the best effectiveness of time, cost and effort. Finally, I would close here by saying; “because we are pioneers, we embrace innovation and excellence”.

CEO / Country Head
Mr. Musbah Abdulla Hassan
Head of HR Department
Mr. Zhea Hussien
Recruitment / Employment Firms

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